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Nematode Electronic Key

The software for nematode identification


XML Definitions

Current drafts of our XML specification


Latest Nematode Key XML data file

Our latest data file - posted 12th December 2000


XSL Transformations for viewing the XML data


Demonstration of the latest ID Applet using nematode pictorial key data


Demonstration of the latest ID Applet using a UK coins database conforming to our XML specification

This demonstration of the ID applet file demonstrates the generic nature of both the applet and our XML specification. All that is assumed is that XML data conforms to our XML specification/schema as outlined in XML Definitions.


UK Coin XML data file

pmlnematode_24.jpg (1790 bytes)

pmlnematode_29.jpg (1250 bytes)
pmlnematode_31.jpg (2507 bytes)